3 models: QZYK-A1, QZYK-A3, QZYK-A5

7 sizes: 780, 920,1150, 1370, 1550, 1680, 1860

Variety of options for customization

Feature Technologies

Intelligent Energy Saving System

Up to 75% energy saving

22 Inch Touch Screen

Astonishing Full-HD operating experience

Smart-Touch HMI

Intelligent paper cutter operation system

Mitsubishi Servo Driving System

Advance, fast, accurate, safe and reliable

±0.01mm Positioning Precision

High precision AC Servo positioning system

30m/min High Speed Backgauging

Responsive and superior positioning speed

Hydraulic Clutch and Clamp

Superior cutting force and clamping pressure

Calibration-free System

No backgauge calibration after installation

Remote Service System

Internet based system service and update

Dynamic self-diagnosis function

Easy to track and diagnose system problem

Infrared Safety Light Barriers

Highest ICE 61496-1 type4 safety standard

Chromed Steel Working Table

16mm Ultra-slim design with great strength

Integral Plastic-free Air Cushion

No plastic ring and maintenance free

Integral Casting Frame

Great mechanical strength and stability

Dual Linear Guide Backgauge

Robust and high positioning accuracy

Dual Linear Guide Cutting System

Ensure long-term cutting precision

 Metallic Friction Clutch System

Large cutting force with metallic friction disc

Balanced Weight Clamping System

Ensure constant clamping force and no springs

Dual-function Hydraulic Cylinder

Responsive and fast clamping pressure rise

LED Lighting System

LED illumination and cutting line indicator

Wireless Control System*

iOS, Android, PC multi-platform

Production Line Control System*

Remote control of cutting production line

Soft Clamping Function*

Specially for sensitive material cutting

Clamping Height Control Function*

Adjustable clamp height to improve efficiency

Automatic Waste Clean System*

Remove cutting waste automatically

Front Clamping System*

Prevent falling of small cutting material

Front Table Descending System*

Allow to put transfer board during cutting

Wireless Control Hand Pusher*

Control backgauge wirelessly by hand pusher

CE Safety Ceritificate*

CE Safety certified by TÜV Rheinland

CIP4 Ready*

Coming soon…

* Optional configuration or function

Intelligent Energy Saving System

Paper cutter size 780 920 1150 1370 1550 1680 1860
Traditional paper cutter main drive 3.0kw 3.0kw 4.0kw 5.5kw 5.5kw 7.5kw 7.5kw
LITONG paper cutter main drive 0.75kw 0.75kw 1.5kw 1.5kw 1.5kw 2.2kw 2.2kw

Most advanced paper cutter energy saving technology

Up to 75% energy saving compared to traditional paper cutter

Intelligent energy distribution system automatically controls energy flows

22 Inch Touch Industrial PC

22 inch Full-HD LED Touch Screen

Multi-core processor with independent GPU

Industrial fanless cooling system and SSD storage

Smart-Touch Operation System

Exclusive operation system designed for paper cutter

mm&inch dual-unit and multi-language operation system

Careful designed HMI with tons of friendly features and functions

PC Controlled Servo Driving System

±0.01mm positioning precision

30m/min maximum high reverse speed

Excellent torque performance in variety of speed range

Production Line Control Function

Ready for directly control LITONG pile loader and pile unloader

Simplify operation of cutting production line and greatly improve productivity

Multi-platform Wireless Control*

iOS, Android, PC wireless control

Ready for remote control of cutting production line

*Optional function

Remote Service

Internet based service system

System diagnose and software update

Advanced P2P communication technology

Soft Clamping System*

Slow and soft clamping with gentle pressure

Prevent clamping impact indentation on materials

Application for cutting of sensitive and expensive materials

*Only available on QZYK-A3 and QZYK-A5 Models

Clamp Height Control System*

Adjustable clamping lift height from materials

Significantly reduce the idle clamping stroke and improve efficiency

*Only available on QZYK-A5 Models

Chromed steel table

16mm ultra-slim chromed steel working table

Innovative embedded air chambers carved by CNC technology

Much longer lifetime and more strength than traditional iron casting working table

Integral Plastic-free Air Cushion

No traditional sealing plastic ring

Advanced metallic line sealing technology

Very durable, long lifetime and maintenance free

Infrared Safety Light Barriers

Highest ICE 61496-1 type4 safety standard

High-tech pulsed infrared safety light barriers

Ultra-high response time and objects recognition ability

Integral Casting Frame

Significantly improve mechanical strength

Eliminate system instability of traditional assembly structure

No deformation under large clamping force and ensure high cutting precision

Hydraulic Cutting System with Metallic Friction Disc

Hydraulic clutch system provide great cutting force and responsivity

Metallic friction discs ensure long-term cutting force and maintenance free

Dual Linear Guide Cutting System

Dual linear guide knife holder

No copper slider design, greatly reduce vibration

Ensuring long-term high cutting precision and maintenance free

High Speed Steel Knife*

Japan Kanefusa or Germany IKS high speed steel knife

2 pieces high speed steel knives are equipped with paper cutter

*Tungsten carbide knife is optional

Dual Linear Guide Integral Backgauging System

Slotless working table

Dual-linear guide ensures positioning accuracy

Integral backgauge is maintenance-free and adjustment-free

Balanced Weight Clamping System

Integral balanced weight design

Ensuring consistency of clamping force

No spring reposition device, safe and maintenance free

Dual Function Hydraulic Cylinder of Clamp

High-tech dual-function and self-priming hydraulic cylinder

Vacuum self-priming, fast pressure rise and great responsivity

Large Auxiliary Table*

Large auxiliary tables for easy loading and unloading process

Perfectly suitable for LITONG production line

Other table sizes is customizable

*Optional function

Wireless Control Hand Pusher*

Wirelessly control the movement of backgauge

Forward and backward buttons, two speed ranges switcher

*Optional function

CE Safety certified by TÜV Rheinland*

Conform to the most strict European CE paper cutter safety standards

 Lots of safety configuration to ensure reliability and safety

CE Safety is tested and certified by TÜV Rheinland

*Optional function

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