Exclusively designed HMI for QZYK-A Series

22 inch Full-HD screen with gorgeous touch experience

Variety of advanced functions and options for customization

Feature Technologies

22 Inch LED Screen

Astonishing cinematic operation experience

Full-HD Touch Panel

1920×1080 Full-HD with multi-touch

Intuitive Graphic User Interface

Designed for fast learn and easy use

Dual-unit System

Built-in mm and inch unit system

Multi-language User Interface

Support up to 6 languages user interface

Built-in Realtime Help Page

Check help information in any page any time

Remote Service System

Internet based system service and update

Calibration-free System

No backgauge calibration after installation

Dynamic self-diagnosis function

Easy to track and diagnose system problem

0.01mm Display Precision

With high precision Servo positioning system

Backgauging Animation

Display the realtime position of backgauge

Advanced Programming Function

Easy programming with lots of useful functions

Large Program Date Storage

100 data groups with 10,000 lines program

Date Transfer Function

Download or upload data by USB device

Realtime Simulation Function

Realtime cutting simulation after programming

Cutting Cycles Record

Record total and per knife cutting cycles

Built-in Calculator

For programming and mathematic calculation

Pop Up Safety Warnings

Display safety warnings by pop up windows

Password Lock Function

Require password to login or do modification

Auto Clamping Function*

Automatically continuous clamping

Auto Cutting Function*

Automatically continuous cutting

Wireless Control System*

iOS, Android, PC multi-platform

Production Line Control System*

Remote control of cutting production line

Soft Clamping Function*

Specially for sensitive material cutting

Clamp Height Control Function*

Adjustable clamp height to improve efficiency

Automatic Waste Clean System*

Remove cutting waste automatically

Front Clamping System*

Prevent falling of small cutting material

Front Table Descending System*

Allow to put transfer board during cutting

Wireless Control Hand Pusher*

Control backgauge wirelessly by hand pusher

CIP4 Ready*

Coming soon…

* Optional configuration or function

22 Inch Touch Industrial PC

22 inch Full-HD LED Touch Screen

Multi-core processor with independent GPU

Industrial fanless cooling system and SSD storage

Intuitive Graphic User Interface

Designed for fast learn and easy use

Training or special operation skill are not required

Built-in one-click help information for quick instruction

Multi-platform Wireless Control*

iOS, Android, PC wireless control

Ready for remote control of cutting production line

*Optional function

Variety of control modes and functions

Backgauging animation

Clamp lock and knife lock functions

Relative position and absolute position backgauging

Two speed forward and backward manual backgauging buttons

Automatic paper sending function, air cushion control, built-in calculator

Program realtime display, program option indication area, copy and insert functions

Advanced Programming Functions

100 data groups with 10,000 lines program

Absolute position cut and relative position cycle cut program

Air cushion off, automatic paper sending, knife lock, and other functions

Program line display, line delete, line insert functions and group delete function

Realtime Simulation Function

Cutting program realtime simulation

Display paper size after cutting line by line

Programming debug error warnings pop up windows

Data Transfer Function

Upload or download program data to USB storage device

Easy backup data or transfer program from machine to machine

Dynamic Self-diagnosis Function

Realtime tracking system working condition

Check system sensor signals and diagnose system problem

More Optional Functions*

Soft clamping and clamp height control

Automatic clamping and automatic cutting functions

Production line control of LITONG pile loader and pile unloader

Automatic waster clean, front clamping, front table descending functions

*Optional functions and configurations

Calibration-free System

No calibration is needed after first installation

Built-in power off backgauge absolute position memory system

Dual-unit Operation System

Built-in both “mm” and  “inch” unit system

Support worldwide cutting commission and realtime unit system switch

Multi-language User Interface

6 languages user interface

Other languages are customizable