2 models: SZ-S Lifter, SZ-J Descender

3 sizes: 950, 1050, 1250

Variety of options for customization

Feature Technologies

Automatic Pile Height Tracking

Automatically lift the pile to preset height

Hydraulic Lifting System

Save up to 50% energy

Anti-pinch Foot Protection System

Reliable photoelectric safety protection

Dual-linear Guide Lifting System

Great stability and maintenance free

One-click Lifting or Descending

Super easy one-click operation

Descender Aligning System*

For stack aligning after cutting

* Configuration or function is different from models

Automatic Pile Height Tracking System

Advanced photoelectric pile height tracking sensor

Automatically lift pile to the preset height

Hydraulic Lifting System

Hydraulic system only works in lifting period

Up to 50% energy saving compared to traditional pile lifter

Anti-pinch Foot Protection

High sensitivity safety photoelectric sensor

Automatically stop operation when step inside the pallet area

Integral Casting Body

Significantly improve mechanical strength

Eliminate system instability of traditional assembly structure

Dual Linear Guide Lifting System

Greatly improve system working stability

Ensuring long-term lifting precision and maintenance free

Descender Stack Aligning System*

Exclusively designed for pile descender

For easy stack aligning after cutting

*Only available on SZ-J models

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