2 models: QD-G, QD-W

2 sizes: 900, 1200 mm

Variety of options for customization

Feature Technologies

Integral Plastic-free Air Cushion*

Advanced metallic sealing technology

Automatic Micro-pore Air Cushion*

Detect paper and work automatically

Chromed Steel Working Table

16mm Ultra-slim design with great strength

* Configuration or function is different from models

Integral Plastic-free Air Cushion*

No traditional sealing plastic ring

Advanced metallic line sealing technology

Very durable, long lifetime and maintenance free

*Only available on QD-G Models

Automatic Micro-pore Air Cushion*

2mm diameter automatic micro-pore air injector

Air cushion is formed automatically under materials

Up to 25% energy saving and great performance

*Only available on QD-W Models

Compressed Air Source*

6mm inlet pipe by compressed air source

Air source can be automatically stopped in idle period

Over 25% energy saving compared to traditional air cushion

*Only available on QD-W Models

Chromed steel table

16mm slim chromed steel working table

Innovative embedded air chambers carved by CNC technology

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